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4636 Columbus Street Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462

(757) 385-2470

Thrive @ The HIVE

Please complete the application below to be considered for the Thrive @ The HIVE program, starting with your personal information. 

Full Name

Home Address

Business Information

Please note that your startup or home-based business must be located in the City of Virginia Beach. If you are a military spouse in Hampton Roads, you may also apply.

Business Address

Eligibility Requirements

Please note that the information below is required if you wish to be considered.

How is your business structured? Please select the option that applies.

Which of the options below best describes your company.

If you are a startup or home-based business, do you have a current Virginia Beach business license?

If you are a Hampton Roads military spouse entrepreneur, are you currently registered (in good standing) with the State Corporation Commission (SCC)?

Space Preference

If selected for this program, you will be granted use of the space two business days per week over a period of two months.

Please select your preferred days.


Applicant understands that this is an Equal Opportunity Business and committed to excellence through diversity. To ensure this application is acceptable, please provide all information requested in this application form and acknowledge the information below.

I, the Applicant, certify that my answers are true and honest to the best ofmy knowledge. If this application leads to my selection for office space, I understand that any false or misleading information in my application or interview may result in my selection being terminated.

I, the applicant, understand that in addition to this application, need to sign a Memorandum of Understanding and Use Agreement in order to participate in the program.