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Virginia Beach Economic Development

4525 Main Street, Suite 700, Virginia Beach, VA 23462

(757) 385-6464

District Improvement Program (DIP) VBDA Grant Application

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Project Information

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How Will the Non-Grant Funded Portion of the Project be Paid For?

Are you the Owner of the Property?

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Application Requirements

NOTE: If you run into any issues uploading the required documents, please call us at (757) 385-6464 or email us at In the subject line of the email, make sure the name of the program (DIP) is included as well as your company name. For all other questions, please call Kathy Warren at (757) 385-2901.

  1. Completed W-9 Form.
  2. Description of the project with site/floor plan(s), drawings, photographs of the building and/or equipment and other supporting materials that accurately represent the scope and intent of project improvements.
  3. Description of how the project will benefit the designated district (i.e. increase foot traffic, provide jobs, increase revenues, community investment, contribute to placemaking, etc.)
  4. Proof of funding to complete the project.
  5. Estimated costs of the project, including design fees, permits, construction, materials and fabrication costs. If required, provide two contractor bids for the scope of work. Contractors must be licensed, bonded and insured.
  6. If Applicant is a tenant, a letter from the property owner, signed and dated, authorizing this application and project improvements must be obtained and submitted.

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