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City of Virginia Beach

2405 Courthouse Dr, Virginia Beach, VA, 23456, US

Proclamation Request Form

Thank you for your interest in receiving a proclamation. At his discretion, the Mayor will issue proclamations and certificates for noteworthy events that deserve special recognition.

Please review the guidelines below before submitting a request.


  • A Virginia Beach resident must make the request.
  • Requests must be made no fewer than 30 days in advance and no more than 120 days in advance of the date you need the proclamation.
  • Requests must be completed via this form.
  • Neither mailed, faxed, hand-delivered; e-mailed nor phone requests will be honored.
  • Proclamations must affect a broad group of people. Requests to honor an individual or specific organization will not be issued.
  • Proclamations should not take sides in matters of political controversy; nor should they address personal or individual convictions.
  • No proclamation may be used as part of an advertisement or commercial promotion without the express permission of the Mayor's Office. Any use of the proclamation in a news release or other type of publication must be approved by the Mayor's Office prior to publication.
  • Multiple requests by the same organization will not be honored within the same calendar year.
  • Every request must gain official approval before being issued.
  • The Mayor’s Office reserves the right to modify or deny any proclamation request.
  • Please note that proclamations will be delivered no more than two weeks in advance of the proclamation date.

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Date Proclamation Needed

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Please include all text for the proclamation below. Your draft should have four to six “whereas” clauses that show the importance and relevance of the proclamation to the people of Virginia Beach followed by the “therefore” proclamation. Requests submitted without text cannot be processed until draft text is provided.

Details of Request

Role for Mayor/City Council

Who would you like to attend? This should be person of highest priority.